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Cow – Real-time Animation

Published: 2008
Platforms: PC

Real-time computer animation with various techniques.

cloth simulation flocking inverse kinematics L systems rigid physics slerp TCB splines

Particle System

Published: 2007
Platforms: Windows

Particle simulation of five different effects: fire, rain, snow, fireworks and tornado.

particle simulation particle system

SLX Compiler

Published: 2007
Platforms: Java

Compiles SLX code to a simple assembly language for a stack machine.

Assembly compiler


Published: 2007
Platforms: Linux

Builds a routing table according to messages received from other routers through network.

network programming routing


Published: 2007
Platforms: Windows

3D graphics showcase program written in C++ using OpenGL and SDL libraries by me and my school mate.

C++ OpenGL scenegraph SDL shadow volume