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Tunnel Dodge

Actionscript Alternative Platform Community features Flash

Published: 2008
Platforms: Flash

Tunnel Dodge is a simple, addictive 3D Flash action game with versatile online community features. The game is played using only one button, either a mouse or keyboard button. The goal is to fly as far as possible by dodging walls and obstacles and collecting special items. The game itself is basically like my earlier project, Zetman, but Tunnel Dodge has interesting added features in addition to the community features.

The online community features include basic high scores and challenge ladder. You can also watch recordings of other players’ games and learn how the best play Tunnel Dodge.

The game uses Alternative Platform for the 3D stuff.

Tunnel Dodge participated in Assembly Summer 2008 GameDev compo and was placed 8th. After that the game has had several updates.

The game is no longer available online.

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