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Shigeru Cinema Gaming Platform

Cinegaming Cinema Gaming Java OpenGL

Role: Server & game programmer
Published: 2009
Platforms: Java

Shigeru Cinema Gaming Platform is a platform written from scratch in Java + OpenGL for cinema gaming. The idea was to make an easy to use platform to build games on. Cinema gaming, in this context, means games which are played at the cinema in the big screen with hundreds of clients using their mobile phones to control their avatars. The mobile phones are not only controllers though, but also include graphics and sound itself to enrich game experience. Two prototype games were also made on top of the platform: a video trivia game with support for HD video rendered to a texture, and a more complex board game based 3D city building game in which players try to fill the city with their buildings (see the picture).

The platform consists of two parts: server side and client side. Server side is the machine which takes all the input (via network) from clients, renders to big screen, and sends packets back to clients. Client side, on the other hand, is the mobile phone which sends packets to server.

This school project was made with seven programmer students for HIIT (no artists as you can see). I was the main responsible in making the server side of the platform and the games in the server side. The platform and the games are not publicly available.

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