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C++ Liero

Published: 2007
Platforms: Windows/Linux

LieroClone is a clone of a classic 2D game called Liero which is a two-player split screen side scrolling real-time underground worm duel game with fast tempo, physics including a ninja rope, deformable terrain, different weapons to hurt your opponent and recoil (including rocket jump). In addition to these features, LieroClone introduces better graphics, arbitrary sized levels and zooming.

I and my school mate wrote the game in C++ using OpenGL, SDL and Boost libraries. It was a school project of a C++ course in TKK in autumn 2007.

The game has few bugs. The biggest one is that the collision detection does not take speed of the objects into account causing bullets to explode inside ground or flying through a player if the frame rate is low (computer is slow). In addition, the game is very unpolished and lacks some common game features, but hey, you can definitely have fun duels with your friend.

Download the Windows binary here (4.1 MB).
Extract the zip file and run LieroClone.exe.

Download the Linux binary here (1.7 MB).
Extract the tar.gz file (tar zxvf lieroclone.tar.gz), give execute permission to the extracted LieroClone file (chmod +x ./LieroClone) and run the game (./LieroClone). After running, the game creates a configuration file to your home directory .config/liero7d/Default. In the configuration file you can change screen resolution, game physics, weapons, player keys (the numbers are unfortunately what SDL uses for keys, check SDL header SDL/SDL_keysym.h), etc. Note: you need SDL_image and SDL_ttf to be installed in your Linux distribution (and also some SDL and OpenGL libraries but these should be installed in most of the Linux distributions by default). If the game complains about these, just install them (e.g., sudo apt-get install libsdl-image1.2 libsdl-ttf2.0-0) and run the game.

Note: The Windows version does not have ninja rope nor configuration file (it is an older version of the game) due to problems with some Boost library features and Windows.

Controls (classic Liero controls):
Use the keys 1, 2 and 4 in Menu.

Player 1:
Left – a (dig left by tapping right)
Right – d (dig right by tapping left)
Aim up – w
Aim down – s
Fire – f
Jump – g
Shift – h (hold this and press Aim up or down to scroll weapons; press this and jump simultaneously to shoot ninja rope)
Zoom in – q
Zoom out – e

Player 2:
Left – left arrow (dig left by tapping right)
Right – right arrow (dig right by tapping left)
Aim up – up arrow
Aim down – down arrow
Fire – ctrl
Jump – shift
Shift – alt (hold this and press Aim up or down to scroll weapons; press this and jump simultaneously to shoot ninja rope)
Zoom in – page up
Zoom out – page down

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