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Published: 2007
Platforms: Website was founded in January, 2006 by my father Asko Vuorinen. In any Finn can easily contact companies that sell electricity to his/her house automatically in order to get the best price. According to feedback this works really well and is becoming more popular day by day. In addition, it is possible to print an energy report which tells you whether your electricity consumption is normal or not.

I built and its content management system from scratch. I used ER diagrams to model the database. Every submission from the form is first checked by the system automatically in the client and in the server, and then checked manually by administrators before sending them forward to the companies by e-mail. This way the companies only get real emails.

The energy report is created dynamically in PDF format by filling a simple form. The system uses constantly updating database records to count if the electricity consumption of the user is normal or not. As a result, the user gets a graphical PDF report. is based on PHP, MySQL, and XML technologies. I made the layout with XHTML and CSS. The site also includes a PHPBB bulletin board software.

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