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Published: 2004
Platforms: Website was founded by me in January, 2004 during my military service. It is an website where conscripts (and their girl/boyfriends) and reservists can found information about army and discuss with each other. has about 2500 unique (different IP addresses) visitors daily and 25000 monthly. The numbers are increasing all the time. includes a message board and a wiki containing lots of information related to the Finnish army. The site also includes automatically generated calendars, which calculate how many months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and even seconds there are left before conscript’s service is over. The site also include a browser game called “Jämätrivia” made with Flash. It is a game where a player must know the name of a randomly selected badge in a limited time. Therefore, it is good practice for an upcoming military service. is based on PHP, MySQL, Flash, and XML technologies. I made the layout by me with XHTML and CSS. The message board software is PHPBB with several modifications. With the exception of the message board software, everything is built by me from scratch.

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