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Work History

I always follow my interests. I want to enjoy what I am doing. I want to evolve and learn.

Frogmind (04/2012 – Present)

I co-founded Frogmind Ltd in April 2012. Starting my own company had been my dream for a long time, and after making Trials Evolution I felt that I have the right knowledge and talent to really do this. We are 100% independent, and we will put all our passion to our upcoming games. Our first game, BADLAND, was released in April 4th, 2013 for iOS and later to Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Xbox One, PS4, PS3, PSVita, Wii U and Steam. It has been downloaded over 50 million times. The game’s sequel, BADLAND 2, was released in December 2015 on iOS and later on Android.

RedLynx / Ubisoft (04/2010 – 04/2012)

I started to work as 3D Game Programmer at RedLynx Ltd in April 2012. My project in RedLynx was Trials Evolution for Xbox 360. I was excited about this project as it was sequel to the highly acclaimed Trials HD, which I had liked too. My role was to lead program and design the game’s in-game editor. I really enjoyed designing and implementing all the various features the team came up with ranging from simple object movement to the highly advanced visual scripting system (Trigger System), which allows you to create any kind of games, not just Trials tracks, in the in-game editor.

Nvidia (12/2009 – 04/2010)

I started at Nvidia Ltd. in December 2009 as a system software engineer. I quickly realized that I was very lucky to now have an opportunity to work with very hardcore professionals. However, working at the system level without actually seeing any cool visuals rendered to the display, and not creating any clear products (games vs. device drivers), just is not something I want to do. I thought it a lot, and eventually decided that developing games is definitely my thing. So, my trip to Nvidia was really short as I decided to not continue at Nvidia in the end of my probation period.

Universomo / THQ Wireless (05/2008 – 12/2009)

I started as a game programmer at Universomo Ltd. / THQ Wireless in May 2008. I had always been interested in games and in developing games but I had never thought it seriously as an option to do it professionally. I was really excited about now having this opportunity. Soon I realized that making games definitely is my cup of tea, and decided to stay in the company after summer as a part-time employee. My main focus was still in studying, but, in addition to that, I worked about 20 hours a week developing games.

However, in early 2009, THQ decided to cut the head count by half at Universomo. The ~50 employees were reduced to ~25. Although, I was lucky to get my part-time contract upgraded to full-time, the company never felt the same again. It soon started to feel like that the only interest of the company was to get every single possible penny out of every already published game, and not to focus on creating new games. This meant more and more porting tasks which in my opinion are not rewarding at any ways. Moreover, I was very doubtful about the future of the company.

As I was thinking more and more about leaving Universomo, I was lucky to get contacted by Nvidia at autumn 2009. I had just graduated and finished my Master’s Thesis about making OpenGL ES 2.0 API backward compatible, so it was a really exciting opportunity to jump a few abstraction levels down to system level programming. I felt that it is something I want to give a shot, as I really enjoyed doing my Master’s Thesis. Thus, in December 2009 I left Universomo.

Profium (05/2007 – 09/2007)

Profium Ltd. hired me in May 2007 as a summer employee. It was my first programming job outside Ekoenergo. During that time I was interested in semantic web technologies, such as RDF and OWL. I had taken a few courses at the university about the subject and wanted to see those technologies used in a real environment. During the summer I realized that maybe this semantic web is not as cool as I hoped. Thus, I decided to not continue working at Profium after summer, and started to look new opportunities.

Ekoenergo (06/2000 – Present)

Ekoenergo Ltd. is my family’s small company where I am a shareholder. Since 2000, I have developed several webpages under Ekoenergo, such as the popular and websites. All of the webpages are still administrated by me.