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I graduated in late summer 2009 as M.Sc. in Technology at Helsinki University of Technology in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. My major was Digital media and minor Media Technology.

Master’s Thesis

My master’s thesis discusses about cost-efficient development with various OpenGL ES APIs. This was an interesting research project as some of the OpenGL ES APIs are not backward compatible with each other. The thesis focuses on OpenGL ES 2.0 and OpenGL ES 1.1 interoperability, and describes a solution how to do it cost-efficiently. This is achieved by implementing a backward compatible OpenGL ES 2.0 API. The implementation of the thesis was tested with an iPhone 3G S device which supports OpenGL ES 1.1 and OpenGL ES 2.0.

The thesis is available in PDF format here.

The implementation (written in C++) is freely available for anyone to download as an open source project at google code.


Some highlights of the courses I have studied in the past:

  • AS-0.1101 Basic Course in C programming
  • AS-0.1102 C/C++ programming
  • AS-0.1110 XML-Based Description Languages
  • AS-74.1101 Computer simulation
  • AS-75.1124 Basics of Imaging Technology
  • AS-75.2500 Semantic Web
  • AS-75.3600 Semantic Web Services
  • Inf-0.3100 Principles of complex networks
  • S-87.3190 Computer Architecture
  • T-61.5100 Digital Image Processing
  • T-76.1143 Database Management
  • T-76.4115 Software Development Project
  • T-76.5144 Database Management in Semantic Web
  • T-93.4400 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • T-106.1223 Data Structures and Algorithms Y
  • T-106.213 Basic Course in Java Programming
  • T-106.4155 Operating Systems
  • T-106.4200 Introduction to Compiling
  • T-106.5600 Concurrent Programming
  • T-110.4100 Computer Networks
  • T-110.5130 Mobile Systems Programming
  • T-111.2350 Multimedia Technology
  • T-111.5015 Movie Storytelling
  • T-111.4300 Basic Course in Computer Graphics
  • T-111.5030 3D Production
  • T-111.5300 Advanced Computer Graphics
  • T-111.5400 Virtual Reality
  • T-111.5450 Computer Animation
  • T-111.5500 Seminar on Computer Graphics (SIGGRAPH 2008)

Past studies

I took my high school studies at the excellent Olarin Lukio from where I graduated in 2003. After graduation I did my military service in the Finnish Air Force in Tikkakoski and became Second Lieutenant. In my childhood I studied at Soukan koulu and Espoonlahden yläaste.