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Game programming & Real-time computer graphics

Game programming is something I started to enjoy a lot in 2006. I had created some web games with Flash and Director in the past but not really any games that require higher technology knowledge. Since 2006 I have developed games both as a hobby and professionally. Check out my games portfolio for details.

At the same time I got also excited about real-time computer graphics when I took a couple of courses of the topic in TKK. It has been really exciting to make same kind of effects as in some of my my short films but in real-time which I have previously created with offline rendering using software like Adobe After Effects. My programming projects (other than games) can be seen in the programming portfolio.


Ever since I got my first PC in 1992 I have been keen on computer games. My first PC games were Indiana Jones: the Fate of Atlantis, NHL’94 (still the best NHL game :)) and Doom, which really rocked cooperatively via null modem.

In 1997 I got my hands on Quake and its multiplayer (Deathmatch and Team Fortress). The community was great and I quickly joined my first clan: Cult of Sirius. The following winter Quake 2 was released but it did not have the same feeling (except rail gun) as Quake had until Action Quake 2, a Quake 2 modification, was released. AQ2 had an amazing pace and feel of action. The sound effects (especially the head shot sound!) were great and the maps were realistic and interesting. The clan matches were very tactical. As a result, most of the clans started to use some voice communication software (e.g., Roger Wilco). I remember I played at least in the clans BodyCount, Above Intelligence and Need For Blood.

In 1999 it was time to try some online game of a different genre than first person shooters. Consequently, I gave Ultima Online a try. It was fantastic. I still remember my first login to Britain. No tutorials, no help screens, no nothing to spoil the atmosphere. Just a 100 gold pieces and a huge world to adventure. The world was cruel. Without a good group and plan the player was food for murderers. I remember I repeatedly mined about a month to get enough gold to buy my own house. The first steps on the floor of my brand new house felt amazing. Sounds lunatic but it really did. :) *sigh* It was a really great game back then until year 2000 came, and the Renaissance expansion ruined everything by dividing the world making the other half a safe and boring place. I hope some future MMORPG will use Ultima Online: The Second Age as a source of inspiration.

After UO I tried some Counter-Strike, Dark Age of Camelot and other hyped games but they did not startle me. I rather played some QuakeWorld every now and then. The release of Return to Castle Wolfenstein in late 2001 seriously excited me again of FPS games. I joined clan GunSlingers and played hundreds of exciting clan matches. Damn we were good. :)

Summer 2003 and the start of my military service put a pause to my online gaming. Since then I have not played that actively online games anymore. I tried World of Warcraft (okay, leveled to 60 in one month) but it just did not get even close to UO:TSA although it is the best try. The world in WoW just felt too safe. PvP was totally pointless without player looting or something else to really affect the world and other players.

In autumn 2007, after 10 years of waiting, Team Fortress 2 was finally released. The graphics were really nice but some irritating features in the gameplay (especially the immortality charge) stopped my interest in a month. I am waiting for the next really startling online game. Luckily the world is full of great single player games, such as LIMBO, so the waiting is not boring. :)

Greetings to everyone who I have met in online games! :)

Making short films

Movie making as a hobby started at the age of 16 (2001) when I saw a Star Wars fan film called Duality. It was amazing to see how great looking effects amateurs were able to make. Inspired by that I and a couple of my friends started to make Star Wars fan films. It was so cool to be able to make the lightsaber effect look exactly like in the real movie. Since then, I have made some short films every now and then. Read more about the short films in the short film portfolio.

Web development

My first big website was, which I built in the beginning of 2004 during my military service. Since then, I have been developing several websites including and The technologies I mainly use include PHP, MySQLXML (XHTML, CSS) and Flash. You can read more about the websites in the websites portfolio.

Football, Futsal

I started playing football at the age of 6 in a football club called EPS. I loved to play with the ball: especially trying to keep it in the air as long as possible. I still remember my record of 1176 bounces in keeping the ball in the air only using my feet. In my teens football got a little bit too serious and I was not able to play along so I quit it. I still sometimes played with my friends but not that actively. Right after my military service in 2004, I and a few of my friends got this idea of forming a football club to start the beautiful sport again. A few months later, FC Babylon was born.

I started an ad-hoc recruit process to get enough players to the team. I put posters to my university’s bulletin boards and used some websites to advertise our new team. I also tried to contact people directly. This worked well and one player in FC Babylon has been recruited in a public WC. :) We started with four players and a half year later we had twenty. It was enough in order to play in the official series.

The first season, season 2005, went quite poorly. We lost most of the matches, and players got injured. We constantly had to recruit more players in order to maintain a suitable sized line-up. Still, the season was buoyant, and in the end of the season we started to win and tie matches.

The practices were not popular in 2005, only averaging five players. To fix this, among many other reasons, I decided to build a second team to the season 2006. This time it was easier to recruit players. During the futsal season we recruited so many players that we were totaling fifty players which was enough to build two teams.

The season 2006 went nicely. Both teams, FC Babylon Z and FC Babylon X, were very close to winning their divisions. In addition, there were more people in the practices and enough players in every match. The seasons 2007 & 2008 were replicas of the season 2006 for both teams. The season 2009 was successful for FC Babylon X as they won their division. In late 2011 I decided to left my position from the chairman of the board as I had not so much time available for the club.

Bouldering, Wall climbing, Golf, Fishing, Piano

Bouldering and wall climbing every now and then.

I played some golf after I quit football. I played it actively about five years until football started to seriously interest me again. Nowadays I play golf only very rarely.

Fishing is fun! I do it in my family’s summer cottage in the summer. I am still waiting for that over 10 kg northern pike to bite my lure. 7.9 kg is my record so far.

If I see a piano somewhere I try to remember how to play it again. I used to play the piano a few years in my childhood.